Location Kiev, Ukraine
Truck Iveco
Power 16 Amp. 5pCEE - 3x380V+N+G
Dimensions 7.5 x 2.5 x 3.4 (L x W x H)
Weight 4,850 kg

SD 4:3, 625/50i, PAL
7 sets Hitachi Z-3500 w/CA+CCU+RCP+5"VF
3x 1"VF

1x Canon 62x9.7 w/extender - as option
1x Canon 35x15 w/extender - as option
1x Fujinon 42x9.2 w/extender - as option
2x Canon 21x7.8 without extender
1x Canon 22x7.6 w/extender
3x Fujinon 18x7.6 w/extender
1x Canon 20x8.5 without extender
2x Fujinon 13x4.5 w/extender - as option

Router -Digital Video
Harris SD Router
16x16 Crosspoints

Panasonis AV-HSV400E 1ME HD/SD 8 Inputs/6 Outputs Switcher
2 Channels DVE onboard

B/Up mixer Panasonis AV-HSV300E 1ME HD/SD 5 Inputs/4 Outputs Switcher
Video effects Onboard
Synchroniser All Inputs with Synchronisers
Emmbedders 2x AJA 4ch Analog Audio Embedder

1 x For-A 16ch CVBS/SDI Multiviewer & 20 LCD Panel
1 x Apantac 16ch CVBS/SDI Multiviewer & 40 LCD Panel
1 x 15 JVC CRT Monitor for Camera Engineer
1 x 17 Panasonic LCD Monitor for On-Stage Monitoring
1 x Tektronix CVBS Waveform Monitors for Camera Engineer

VTR Up to 4 VTRs
Formats - DVCPRO/DVCPRO50/DigiBeta/Beta

SlomoTV Server :
- 4 Rec channels with 6ch of Audio
- 1 Channel of Instant Slow Motion Replay with 2ch of Embedded Audio
- Direct Recording to External Drive for Final Cut Editing (4x DV50
Streams of Video+2Audio)
CGs VGCast CG System with Clip Playback:
- Football & Basketball CG Applications
- only SD system

Main mixing desk
Allen & Heath WZ14:4:2 14 inputs/12 outputs/4 busses:
- 10 mic inputs
- External Audio Patching
2x DBX166 audio compressors
mixing desk
As above - Allen & Heath WZ14:4:2

Audio monitoring
- Stereo Sound Monitors
- RTW Peakmeter

Microphones Sennheiser :
- SuperCardioid like "Gun" ME67 (2 pcs)
- SuperCardioid ME66 (4 pcs)
- Omni ME64 (2 pcs)
- Dynamic e835(2pcs)
- all with accessories

Intercom Telex Zeus 24 x 24 Intercom Matrix :
- with Intercom Panel for VideoProducer, AudioProducer,
Engineers, Show Producer
- Upto 4x 4Wire External Lines
+Wireless Iintercom

SNG & OB VAN SERVICE (i.service)

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Telephone : +380 50 246 25 00
SKYPE: dsngua
Location : Kyiv, Kiev , Ukraine

2006 SNG OB VAN service
Author: Serhiy Chernov.
Revised: 25, 2016